Paintings & Drawings

Paintings & Drawings 2006-2017

These paintings are my most private and intimate statements and artistic expressions, based on raw and primitive emotions and moods. My paintings are like diary notes from the core and I’m forcing both darkness and traumas out to get rid of them – and at the same time I’m letting my inner demons out to play, to have fun on the canvas. I love exploring the human soul and the magical places we keep within ourselves; behind and beyond our masks, our fear, rage, disgust, shame and inside our deepest pain and wildest desire.

My painting and drawing technique includes acrylic paint, charcoal, color pencils and ink on canvas, panel and paper.

I do not take commissions as a painter.


Finding my true artistic voice as a painter

My creative process and important artistic metamorphosis are visible in these shots of this work in progress, “Judith”, a painting from 2007. This was the first time I dared to express my true artistic voice as a painter. It changed the direction of my art career and opened up new places in my imagination that I’m still exploring today.


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